Leveraging Our Areas Of Strength

At Quinpario Partners, we have a unique approach to taking underperforming and underfunded businesses to create shareholder value. This approach is based on our core philosophies that we apply every day to enhance performance and return on investment.

Our philosophies include:

  • Investing in what we know best — This includes companies focused primarily on specialty chemicals, performance materials, organic and inorganic chemicals, plastics and energy-related industries.
  • Creating clearly defined business strategies — We provide management teams with operational and transactional expertise, capital resources and foster a high-performance culture to deliver exceptional financial results.
  • Taking an active voice — We are comfortable with voicing our opinion on a company’s performance and past results, and we take an entrepreneurial approach to leadership that is unique in our industry.
  • Capitalizing on opportunity — As a self-capitalized private equity firm, we rely on our own financial resources.
  • Bringing together everything necessary for success — We bring capital, management and talent, which is the constructive force to create value and ensure performance is at the high level shareholders deserve.
  • Believing in delivering superior results — We are dedicated to answering to our shareholders and putting them first. As we deliver results, we will continue to earn the right to grow.

Our preferred investment characteristics include:

  • Niche market leaders
  • Differentiated products or services
  • Leading, defensible market positions
  • Ability to grow through globalization or increased capital investment
  • Opportunities to enhance productivity
  • Strong management team