A Proactive Model For Creating Value

Actively utilizing a proven, well-developed strategy that combines investment expertise with chemical industry experts, Quinpario Partners is focused on bringing long-term value to its investors. As a vehicle for investing in specialty chemicals and performance materials, we partner with and/or oversee the management teams of underperforming and undervalued companies to make significant improvements that result in significant returns.

The markets we represent are broad and are a reflection of our partners’’ collective expertise, including companies that:

  • Desire to go global, improve go-to-market strategies and achieve operational excellence.
  • Believe markets have numerous opportunities for reinvigoration.
  • Benefit from our ability to identify, source, analyze and manage market opportunities.

A Plan For Today And Tomorrow

The beginnings of Quinpario Partners are rooted in transforming liabilities into value.

A $4.7 billion sale of Solutia Inc. was the conclusion of an eight-year transformation of the company from a bankrupt, U.S.-centric commodity chemical producer beset by legacy liabilities, an uncompetitive capital structure and operational issues to one of the world’’s premier global specialty chemical firms. This highly successful sale was guided by Solutia’’s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer at the time, Mr. Jeffry Quinn.

Building on this success, Quinn, along with several other former Solutia executives, formed Quinpario Partners with the goal of helping to improve the performance of small- to mid-cap companies. As a self-capitalized investor, Quinpario Partners serves as an activist, investing in companies that are either undervalued by the stock market or need a catalyst to reach their full potential. By applying our talent and expertise, we have a proven ability to create significant value by enhancing corporate performance, with investment capabilities up to several hundred million dollars.

Moving toward the future, Quinpario Partners believes:

  • We have the talent, capacity and capabilities to handle multiple companies.
  • There is a rich menu of opportunities to increase shareholder value.
  • We bring the capital, management and talent to create value.
  • As we continue to deliver results, we will continue to earn the right to grow.